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Twins, 6, Have Safe Curbside Drive-By Birthday

One Ripon mom conquered the Corona Virus warning and closure this week to give her twin boys a super birthday party -- all the while keeping them safe.

Honking cars, police units, and a fire engine all drove by the home of Park View Elementary School kindergarten twins Emmett and Eddison Ayala at 6:30 Wednesday evening with red lights and sirens blaring, wishing Happy Birthday greetings to the boys who both turned six years old Wednesday.

Sirens from the emergency vehicles alerted neighbors to the curbside tent where gifts and a birthday cake remained to be opened and cut. Mom, Chelsea Ricker, had set up a gift table for those driving by the front of their Atlantic Avenue home with goody bags for both children and adults. It was her way of seeing the boys had a birthday they would never forget.

The children’s bags contained coloring materials and the adults would find small bottles of champagne and chocolates to help them get through the trauma of being housebound, the mom explained, chuckling.

Park View second grade teacher Kathy Woodson was one of the first to arrive at the Atlantic Avenue home with a whiteboard with her standing a safe distance from the boys wishing them a happy birthday.

The boys were treated with their favorite Pizza Plus Pizza dinner along with mozzarella breadsticks and bottles of their favorite punch drink Sister Avilin,10, a fourth-grader at Park View handed out the slices of pizza to relatives and friends at arms’ distance as adults snapped pictures from the middle of the street.

Cars driven by school parents with their children waving out the windows to Emmett and Eddison continued to drive on by the house during that half-hour-long event.

The boys finally sat down together under the small tent at 7 p.m.and blew out their six candles together and their mom cut the cake for them and the party was over half an hour after it had begun. It was a birthday of birthdays despite the epidemic closure.

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