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Trade School Scholarships Given to Six High School Grads

Four of the six students receiving scholarships.

The Ripon Rotary Club has given $1,000 Trade School scholarships to six Ripon high school

graduates at their Wednesday noon meeting. The funding was provided by the recent fundraiser

in a race of 1,000 rubber ducks down an irrigation district canal.

Four of the students were presented their scholarships this week with the other two expected to

attend the Ripon Rotary Club meeting at Spring Creek Country Club at noon next Wednesday. In

past years the club gave only college scholarships in concert with the other Rotary clubs in the


President John Mangelos explained that Trade Schools were chosen this year in hopes students

could also learn to use the tools of their chosen trade rather than support college where graduates

often find it difficult to find jobs after graduation.

“Give a student the tools and show him how to use them and he will have a lifetime career,” he

noted. Mangelos also said he has learned that other clubs in Rotary District 5220 are following

Ripon’s lead in providing Trade School scholarships for welders, carpentry, linemen, and tile

setters among others.

The four students were hosted to a noon lunch and later stood before the Rotary Club telling

members their intents in the trades. Mangelos said the club committee members were so

impressed with the students they decided to give all six a scholarship.

Pictured above are from left, Dylan Werner, welding; Thomas Campbell, lineman; Nico Ricketts,

carpentry and Jake Graves, welding. A welder can make as much as $75 an hour in that trade, it

was noted.

Rotary District 5220 mostly in the Central Valley has 54 service clubs.

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