Sue's Country Barn Sells Half of Their Antique Stock During First Day

Photo Credit: Glenn Kahl

Sue’s Country Barn on Highway 120, just west of Jack Tone Road, opened for five days last week and sold half of their antiques during the first day being open.

It was her Spring Sale that had been postponed due to the Coronavirus, opening from May 14th through May 18th. She said some 500 antique shoppers swarmed into the store the first day with their cars filling her driveway and the North shoulder of Highway 120.

Giulian purchased the barn from Kent Miller four decades ago with a “kitchen table” business handshake agreement, she recalled. It was part of the Miller farm acreage.

“It was a time when a handshake was really all that was needed to bind a sale,” she said.

Photo Credit: Glenn Kahl

Sue Giulian has owned and operated the “barn” for 40 years welcoming guests this past week from as far away as the Bay Area to the west and the Motherlode to the east.

Rob Shenk and his wife Debbie from beyond the Altamont were two of her last antique buyers Saturday afternoon. They purchased a hand-drawn photograph ~~ “fabulous artwork” ~~ from the 1940s signed by Durfee from Lake Arrowhead in Southern California and a copper tray. They were set to visit Magpie Antiques in downtown Ripon next.

Giulian said her customers have been very supportive of her antique sales events.

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