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SJ One Voice in Washington Looking for Funding for Ripon's Altamont Corridor Express Station

Photo Credit: ACE Facebook Page

A group consisting of the San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) representatives, local officials, and backers, is traveling to Washington, D.C. this month. Their goal is to secure funding for eight essential projects in San Joaquin County.

The San Joaquin One Voice® campaign by SJCOG advocates for more funding or legislation to aid high-priority projects benefiting the county. The team will meet with federal legislators and officials in the coming week to rally support for important regional projects and issues.

Robert Rickman, SJCOG Chair and San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors said the trip offers a chance to discuss funding possibilities directly with decision-makers for infrastructure enhancements like the Ripon’s Altamont Corridor Express Station. He added that these interactions during One Voice® meetings will help their projects be remembered when funding decisions arise.

Their advocacy trip follows One Voice®'s most prosperous year in 2022, which secured $9 million in federal funds for three projects—improving safety, reducing traffic, bettering air quality, promoting economic development, and enhancing overall life quality for the county's residents.

Diane Nguyen, SJCOG Executive Director, emphasized the importance of One Voice®'s success in obtaining crucial federal funding for regional projects. She said this year's delegation will use the momentum from last year's achievements to strive for similar outcomes and continue good work for the community.

The SJCOG Board approved eight projects at their March meeting for advocacy purposes:

  • SJCOG’s State Route 99/120 Connector Project Phase 1B.

  • Manteca’s State Route 120/Airport Way Diverging Diamond Interchange Project.

  • Ripon’s Altamont Corridor Express Station.

  • Tracy’s Interstate 580/Patterson Pass Road/International Parkway Interchange Improvements.

  • Stockton and the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission’s Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard Rail and Roadway Reconstruction.

  • San Joaquin Regional Transit District’s purchase of five hybrid electric buses.

  • Port of Stockton’s Rail Bridge Replacement Project.

  • San Joaquin County’s Grant Line Road Corridor Improvement Project.

Potential funding sources for these projects include the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), a massive investment in national infrastructure covering various sectors.

One Voice® collaborates with SJCOG's member jurisdictions and agencies such as the Port of Stockton and SJRRC to promote crucial regional projects and issues to federal representatives. The 2023 project promotion trip is scheduled for May 6-11.

About San Joaquin Council of Governments:

SJCOG is a joint-powers authority responsible for planning, financing, and coordinating housing, transportation, and habitat conservation across San Joaquin County and its cities. The agency manages a variety of regional programs partnering with local governments, private organizations, and community groups to support local, state, and federal transportation initiatives. SJCOG also assigns affordable housing quotas for each city and county within its jurisdiction.

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