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Seniors at Chesapeake Dance Through Their Streets

The residents at the Chesapeake Landing senior residential area on River Road danced through the streets Friday evening, May 15th, following the lead of organizer Bob Ortez in his golf cart. A second cart trumpeted music for the parade of some 50 residents in the over 55 community.

Ortez said the idea was to get the residents out of their homes and socialize with each other with manager Karen Vogel setting the stage for the dancing at the prescheduled locations throughout the interior of Chesapeake Landing.

The group of homeowners met near the clubhouse and the swimming pool on Red Sky Way and headed out to eight dancing sites with women outnumbering the men in the group for a fun evening that began at 6 p.m. sharp and ending after 7 p.m. on the other side of the clubhouse on Sea Cove Drive where the group gathered and enjoyed small chatter amongst each other.

The residents were urged to bring their own beverages and dancing shoes and asked to contact Connie Ortez with their song requests.

“Open your garages or front doors if you are homebound,” Connie wrote. “Cheer on the participants or toast them with a cocktail,” she urged.

Chesapeake Landing is located on Calhoun Avenue and River Road across from the Mistlin Sports Park and adjacent to Park View Elementary School. Every Halloween the primary students of the school present a parade of ghosts and goblins that walk through the landing for the benefit of the residents coming out to experience the youth on parade.

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