Second Dinner Giveaway Nets 500 Families

The second in the “Pick-Me-Up” dinner give-aways at the Calvary Reformed Church in Ripon saw volunteers hand out some 500 meals serving families of four from three restaurants.

Cars filled with residents arrived about an hour early for the dinner specials at about 2 p.m. with a constant line lasting to almost 4 p.m. that began at 3. The Wright family had their dog “Jackson” with them in the front seat is very curious about the hot cooked meals.

Two police officers arrived, concerned about the traffic jam that was being created, and urged the church family to have a better plan for their hand-outs next week in an effort to ease traffic congestion. Officers remained in front of the church to guarantee everyone’s safety in the backed-up traffic.

Pastor Brett Dood said his church leadership team was working with the restaurants to give their employees jobs while at the same time serving families with dinners to better cope with the Corona Virus outbreak. Last week the church distributed some 200 dinners and restaurant gift cards for a mere 25 minutes before running out of food.

Lines of cars awaiting the opening of the three drive-through lanes in the church parking lot saw them backing up all the way to the Highway 99 freeway as well as coming from the opposite direction on Second Street and running down Vera Avenue to Fourth Street and around the corner onto Fourth.

What may have added to the increase in numbers of people hoping to enjoy a free dinner was the fact the Good Morning Sacramento TV show featured the church outreach Friday morning.

The Ripon restaurants participating included the Canal Street Grill, Primo’s, Matter of Taste, and Fina’s new dinner restaurant at the corner of North Ripon Road and River Road. Primo’s served dinners of enchiladas with the others boxing up ready to eat pasta dishes.

Dinners will be given out again this Friday from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

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