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Rumors about Barnwood Restaurant sale

Ripon, CA – Our team has been flooded with messages asking us about a possible sale of the Barnwood Restaurant building, property and surrounding properties.  Just like other residents in town, we have been hearing different rumors.  So that got us wondering, what really is happening there?  Here is what we know so far…

The land, both where the Barnwood Restaurant sits and where the old Chevron use to be is owned by two separate parties.  The empty lot has been sold, but no information has been released on what, if anything, will be constructed on that piece of land.

As for the Barnwood Restaurant, we are told that a deal to purchase has been agreed upon but is in the very early stages and no plans are available as to what could replace the over 30-year-old building that once also held the Barnwood Arms a couple years after the deli/restaurant opened.

Owner, John Mangelos closed the restaurant back in 2013 after a personal injury to his shoulder.  Less than a month later, Don Lee & Ken Hildebrand announced that the Barnwood Restaurant would reopen.  Almost a year after reopening, Lee & Hildebrand announced that they would be closing the Barnwood Restaurant after they were served with papers regarding a lawsuit regarding ADA violations filed by Carmichael-based attorney Scott Johnson.  The building has been vacant since.

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