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Ripon's 11th Police Chief Takes Oath

Photo courtesy of Ripon Police Facebook page.

In a recent City Council Meeting, a significant milestone marked the night as Daniel Sauer took the oath to become Ripon's 11th Police Chief.

Chief Sauer's journey began at the esteemed Ray Simon Regional Criminal Justice Training Center in Modesto, where he completed his Police Academy training in June 2002. Ripon Police Department wasted no time, hiring him just a month later in July. Navigating through the ranks with ease, he transitioned into the Investigations Division as a Detective by 2004. Sauer's dedication to nurturing fresh talent led him to become a Field Training Officer, sharing his experience and knowledge with new recruits. Fast-forwarding to 2013, he was promoted to Patrol Sergeant and ultimately became a Police Lieutenant in 2018, managing key divisions within the department.

Over his impressive 21-year tenure, Chief Sauer's steadfast devotion to providing top-notch police services has been evident. His remarkable leadership is marked by integrity and exceptional decision-making capabilities while his commitment to the department and Ripon community remains unquestionable.

Let's celebrate and congratulate Daniel Sauer on his well-deserved appointment as Police Chief! Under his guidance, the Ripon Police Department will undoubtedly flourish with professionalism, robust community partnerships, and an unwavering focus on maintaining Ripon as one of California's safest havens.

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