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Ripon Plumber Refunds $93 Check In Yule Tenor

To my surprise, a check for $93 came in the mail from a Ripon plumber. I thought first it was a bill but to

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Plumbing website.

my surprise, it was a business check made out to me -- with a Yule tenor.

The two calls were for totally different issues and the minimum $93 was paid by check -- but the check didn't bounce as you might think. It was the second check two weeks later to Johnny’s Plumbing decided to refund to me.

We had two different plumbers come into our home and both handled the problems to a great conclusion and we were more than satisfied.

They often bring their house pets into their downtown office giving me the pleasure of playing with them when I stop by to chat.

The office staff made room for me on their schedule even though they were busier than usual with a new set of residential homes subdivisions being built in the community. Ripon, without a doubt, is a special town with people like those at Johnny’s Plumbing add to that sense of family.

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