RHS Boys Varsity Basketball Team Against Escalon

By Sahib Singh Dhindas, Ripon High School Journalist (The Smoke Signal)

The RHS Boys Varsity Basketball team came out victorious against Escalon. It was a close match up but after a few good plays and the right calls, we came out victorious with a score of 70 – 68. The Boys Basketball Varsity team is on a two-win streak. Overall they are 14W – 12L, their standings are in the National 8065th, and in the State 596th, in Section 77th.

“We are definitely happy to get the win against Escalon, I think we can play better as a team but at the end of the day, a wins a win. Multiple things went right that game such as is how we definitely improved on some of our offensive execution. I think our guys knew that it was going to be a big game, every time we played Escalon it’s a rivalry game. ” said Coach Justin Graham.

Escalon had some tight defense, in the third quarter, one of our small forwards drove in for a layup but was instantly denied which made it very hard for RHS to make many shots considering they would stop you right away. RHS responds by shooting three-pointers instead of going in for the layup.

“The game against Escalon was good and we did have lots of good transition buckets and getting good shot selections which lead to more points. But we were able to come back in the third quarter. The mentality going into that game was to beat Escalon because they are our rival team.” said Junior Brayden Haines.

RHS had to make a huge comeback in the third quarter because Escalon had come on top in the first and second quarters. RHS was somehow able to make some great plays and transition. In the fourth quarter, both teams played extremely well. RHS shot 3 for 9 at the free-throw line in the fourth quarter.

“It was a good game against Escalon, I feel as if we came out a little flat in the first and second quarter but we were able to pick it up in the third quarter. The mentality was just the same as every other game which is going in, play hard, execute, and do everything we can to win.” said Sophomore Bronson Burrow.

One of Escalon’s best players got into foul trouble in the third quarter. Foul trouble is when a player has committed 4 fouls in the duration of the entire game. Getting into foul trouble early in the game could cause the player to be subbed out of the game for a while or maybe even the entire game. Overall Escalon and RHS both played extremely well, which is why they are rival teams.

"Escalon is one of the most challenging teams that we have ever faced" - Coach Justin Graham
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