Questions for City Council Candidates 2016 – Mario Gonzales

Questions for City Council Candidates 2016 – Mario Gonzales

  1. Please tell us about yourself, your interest in serving on the city council and what strengths you feel you bring to the Ripon City Council.

A – I’m originally from Manteca and have not left the valley. It has been a goal of mine to continue serve the community. I had to retire from Modesto PD. because of a disability in 2013. I worked for Modesto for 16 years. I have been living in Ripon for over 11 years and enjoy it. My B.S. degree is in Emergency Management Services, so I feel the education I had will help me along with working with lots people over the years.
  1. In your opinion, what are the three most important values or concepts city staff and the city council should emphasize in planning for the city’s future?

A – Water, public safety, along with growth should be on the minds of the city council.
  1. What do you feel are the biggest issues our city is facing and what would your plans be to work toward remedying them?

A – In my opinion I think water, public safety and housing should be big issues in the city’s future. I think we are headed in right direction regarding the drought, reducing water usage. Of course I’m pro public safety, meaning I would do what it takes to try and make sure the community is safe. I would also do my best that we making attempts that we have affordable housing without reducing the quality.
  1. What do you envision for the city of Ripon in the next 5-10 years?

A – The city is not very big, so I don’t to see to much growth regarding population. However I do envision businesses to grow. In my opinion I think the city is growing.
  1.  What actions do you think should be taken to preserve and enhance the city’s downtown area?

A –  In my opinion the city redoing of downtown is good. Keep it simple without over doing it. Common sense is the key to preserve and enhance the city.
  1. What are some of your other goals or ideas for our city or is there anything else you’d like to add?

A –  Like I mention above the city is headed in right direction. However some of the infrastructure needs to be looked at, roads, signing and lights etc.
  1. Several years back our city had to cut back during the recession by letting many positions go which we still haven’t filled. With the growing population, how do you plan to pay for the necessary infrastructure to maintain our quality of life and not become South Manteca or North Modesto?

A – I worked in North Modesto and South Modesto and there is no way I’ll let Ripon go if that direction as long I’m on the city council. We got to look at the surplus and see what jobs were cut. With the growing population there comes new revenue I’m sure we can get some of those jobs back. However, the recession let us cut some of the wasteful spending which I do not see the city council doing.

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