Parade of Cars for Grads at Weston

Ripon’s Weston Elementary School held a Parade of Cars for their eighth-grade graduates Friday morning, May 22nd, in their campus parking lot where bright green robes and other personal items were delivered in brown paper bags to students being chauffeured by their parents.

Two retiring Weston teachers from the first and second grades, Susan Ash and Lisa Dahlin, received floral bouquets from a student’s family in one of the cars as they were offering their congratulations to the grads. It was obviously very special for the duo as they recognized students they had taught in those lower grades at Weston.

While “social distancing” was being mostly observed, a pickup truck driven by a grandparent was seen pulling a trailer with a dozen students waving and shouting their goodbyes to the teachers. The trailer was bedecked with balloons and a banner wishing the two retiring teachers well. They too got their bags of personal items as the truck pulled up to the curbing of the school. A sign on the back of the trailer read “Goodbye Weston!”

Bryant Kaidden and his mom had a special thought after receiving his robe. They opted to have his picture taken in his robe in front of the school’s brick marquis out in front of the campus on the street. Bryant had his two dogs Verssace and Coco in his arms and at his feet for even a better memory.

Shortly after 10 a.m. the school parking lot had emptied with the 57 eighth graders and their families heading back for home.

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