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Meet Your Neighbors!

by Jolene Peters

Do you know your Neighbors? If not, perhaps now is the time to introduce yourself. Knowing your neighbor has plenty of benefits. Safety, sharing,

When we moved into our home about three years ago, we had no idea how fortunate our decision would be. As soon as we started unpacking our neighbors came by with treats, and a helping hands. My two boys fit right in with the 15 other children living in our large Court. They mostly play outside riding bikes, building forts, and playing basketball. The adults can be found on our porch drinking Coffee, Tea, and occasionally sharing a bottle of wine.

Last Summer a few families and ourselves stayed at a cabin together in Dorington. We hiked, swam in the Lake, played card games, cooked meals and laughed a lot….and yes, we all still get along.

On this quest of simplifying our lives, you realize the SIMPLE JOYS in life are the ones shared with those around you.

|| Love they neighbor as thyself – Matthew 22:39 ||

Other benefits of knowing your neighbor:

  1. They can look after your property when your gone

  2. if you have pets and need to go away, neighbors will often look after them

  3. They can provide transportation in an emergency situation

  4. Need a babysitter? We often swap kids while running errands

  5. When you run out of coffee (which has happened to me many times) they are ready with a cup and a smile to get your day started.

We know there are many other benefits to knowing your neighbor.

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