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Meet Ripon High’s Newest Teacher Mr. Lefler!

Natalie Becerra, Ripon High School Journalist (The Smoke Signal)

Photo courtesy of The Smoke Signal News.

This year, RHS gained four new teachers! One of them includes Mr. Lefler, our new ELD teacher! 

Lefler says he is currently teaching ELD, but his experience is from special education. At Ripon High, Lefler hopes to volunteer in the Wrestling Room. Starting the new school year off at our campus, this is his 7th year teaching. Lefler spent five years teaching at Waterford High and one year at Ceres High. 

Lefler attended MJC, where he ran track and wrestled. He then transferred to Fresno State and obtained his BA (bachelor’s degree). Lefler also went to Stanislaus for his teaching credential in physical education. After college, he was hired as an intern for special education and earned a credential from Teachers College of San Joaquin.

“Learning is a complex idea. To me learning is experiencing something, whether it is academic or not, that assists and changes the way a person handles or views a certain situation,” stated Lefler.

Lefler grew up in Waterford and has lived in California his whole life. He has a wife, no kids, and two dogs who he says are like his kids. Lefler stated Ripon has been amazing to him so far. He loves the small town unity and says everyone has been very welcoming. Lefler said he was nervous at the beginning of the school year because he was an outsider coming into a close community. However, everyone has made Lefler feel very welcomed!

”With the COVID pandemic, students are having to experience learning in a way they have never experienced before. They are having to learn new skills, being responsible, and self-disciplined to get their school work done,” said Lefler. 

By the end of the year, Lefler expects and hopes of his students to be very resilient and versatile.  He also expects them to gain a new sense of appreciation for education because of the non-traditional way of learning we are doing now. 

“I am a teacher despite what I am teaching because I find it so rewarding knowing I am contributing to the development and lives of young people. If I make a difference in one student’s life by motivating them to finish school or going to college, it is a success.” Lefler concludes.

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