Major Injury Crash Monday Afternoon

Two motorists were rushed to the San Joaquin County Trauma Center in French Camp after a 4 p.m. crash with undetermined injuries from a collision at the intersection of West Main Street and Wilma Avenue.

Police reported a westbound Yamaha R6 collided with a late model Mini-Cooper that was making a left turn from Wilma Avenue to West Main Street. The 19-year-old motorcycle rider from Manteca was apparently thrown some 150 feet to the east landing in the middle of Main Street where he was located.

The front wheel of the motorcycle was torn away from its mounts by the impact.

The driver of the Mini-Cooper was in his early 70s and lives in Ripon, officers said.

The Mini-Cooper clipped the base of a light pole on the corner and ended up into the rose bush hedge of the ACE Hardware complex with its left door pulled off and its windshield smashed. The motorcycle remained in the middle of the intersection.

One witness said she saw the motorcycle on Main Street minutes before the crash and estimated its speed at 90 miles an hour on Main Street. A police officer coming out of the post office a block away reportedly heard the impact of the crash.

A warning to Ripon residents was sent out warning them to stay away from the crash scene.

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