Letter to the Editor – Vince Hobbs

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I’ve worked with the district as a volunteer for 11 years, I’ve sat on their Master Planning Committee tasked with helping to formulate a master plan for facilities. I’ve seen the budget constraints the State and system (based on demographics & attendance) place on RUSD.

RUSD has managed the few dollars they receive very well. The current facilities manager, who’s been there for 5 years, is doing an incredible job. Remember, the district is still recovering from the recession that covered several years. This bond is extremely important because it will replace and repair structures before any further deterioration. If left unaddressed, the cost to the district will be much higher. As a conservative myself, I’ve never voted for any bond or tax increases, but I believe the need is great and there are no other alternatives. I have complete confidence in the leadership of the school district as we continue to partner with them to make sure all promises are kept.

Vince Hobbs

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