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Teachers Looking At Possible Strike

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

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Ripon Unified teachers are finishing a second year without a contract.  Teachers have tried to negotiate in good faith and tried to keep a positive approach to the community and the district.  While the Ripon Unified teachers have the lowest compensation of all the surrounding districts, the school board feels no need to give comparable compensation.

Some of the true facts: - The district has used reasons such as unrest in the middle east, and unknown utility costs as reasons to not give fair compensation - The current superintendent was given the last raise received by the teachers, plus 3% for this year, and with a good review, 3% for the coming year.  This same offer is not available to the teachers. - The raise the teachers received in 14-15 was to compensate for the 7 years that the teachers received nothing, yet that is used to portray the teachers as greedy. – Ripon Unified has the money but chooses to spend it differently than the surrounding districts - Negotiations are in a last-ditch effort currently and if needed the teachers will have a strike vote before the school year is over. - Ripon Unified Teachers Association feels that the Superintendent is trying to create strife and division in our community. More to come from Rod Wright, the RUDTA president.

Sydney Reyes

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