Learning Something New About Ripon is Just A Daily Routine For Me

My goal, if elected to the Ripon City Council in November, is to do my best in continuing the small town aura after serving as president of the Ripon Chamber of Commerce for six years.

After meeting with Ripon’s city manager Kevin Werner, it was obvious the city is in good hands and realizing why it is seen as the “Jewel of the Valley.”

Asked numerous times just what it is that I hope to change, my answer is quite easy: “It isn’t what I want to change but rather what can be done to continue the small-town feel we currently enjoy. It is a blessing to be able to raise my daughter here and feel safe.

Being pro-business is one of my goals, but I would also like to see some new clean industry locate here in Ripon. The city is growing now at an appropriate rate and we want to continue with that minimal growth so that the current populous and those moving into Ripon can feel a part of the community.

Still, a small welcoming community people are still interested in meeting and knowing their neighbors where they join forces in coming together in the small-town things as a community that makes it a special place to live.

For those who want to chat about the community and its future, I am always available and there

are a table and chairs just waiting on my front porch where we can talk.

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