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Law and Order Reward Program Returns

The Ripon Police Department has announced the revival of our "Law and Order Reward Program." This initiative aims to recognize and reward young individuals in our community who make a positive impact by adhering to road safety rules and promoting a safe, positive environment. These exemplary youths will receive an award in the form of a coupon, generously donated by our local partner businesses, as announced on their social media platforms.

Examples of commendable actions that may earn these rewards include wearing helmets while riding bicycles, scooters, or skateboards, abiding by traffic laws, and utilizing safe locations for riding. While the program's primary focus is on community members under the age of 12, our officers will not impose strict age limitations when distributing these rewards.

Through this initiative, Ripon Police Department aims to promote safe riding habits, foster positive interactions among young riders, their parents, families, and friends while maintaining the safety of our community. "We believe that this program, in conjunction with others already in place, will strengthen the bond between Ripon Police Department and our youth while also enhancing connections throughout our community", says the department's social media post.

Businesses participating in this program include:

  • Brothers Restaurant

  • Isabel’s Vintage Cafe

  • Gold Dust Pizza

  • Ice Cream Emporium

  • Ripon Coffee House

  • Popeyes

  • SheBoba’s

If your business is interested in participating in this rewarding program, please contact Detective Perry at 209-599-0253.

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