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Laurel’s Vintage Cafe – Ripon

-By Kathy Cragin

As I sit in quite possibly the most adorable little restaurant in town, I just feel like I have to write about it!

 You see, this little town of ours has so much potential for quaintness and uniqueness. Our town is something special, in part because of the wonderful community’s for folks who live here, but also because of these businesses who are striving to succeed in bringing those unique elements to our town. In a town where “word of mouth” can make or break you, I think we need to be extremely conscientious of those words and strive to build our town up wherever and whenever we can. That’s how Ripon thrives.

So this morning, instead of getting the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from Carl’s Jr. (yes, I’m a huge fan of that glorious fattening deliciousness), and instead of plopping down at Denny’s to write, I intentionally chose Laurel’s because I had never been here and the fabulous green signage has been catching my eye every time I drive around the corner of Stockton and Main.

The retro design of this place immediately made my heart happy – there has definitely been a makeover from when it was the delightful Corner Stop Eatery. Everything: the floors, tables, chairs, countertop, and colors – totally my style, even the classics in the speakers: Singing In the Rain, the Rat Pack, oldies to my heart’s content!  The strawberry blonde sporting a kerchief in her hair was super sweet as I was chatting her ear off about the varieties of food/coffee to see what choices I had. I settled on a breakfast sandwich, as that seems to be one of the most popular breakfast items at Laurel’s, and after my first bite, I understand why! Eggs, smoky bacon, and cheese on a soft bagel, so good! But if I’m going to be honest, I can’t wait to come back and try their biscuits and gravy!  I ordered a white mocha because caffeine! and it’s one of the best I’ve had in a long time. I’m looking forward to trying lunch here as well – lots of sandwich choices!

(PS – if you’re a junky of pastries, all of Laurel’s are homemade from scratch, right here.)

I just want to walk around taking pictures of all the quaint little touches in this place, but with the current guests in this little place, that might seem a little weird…

(And I must mention the most adorable little gal, whom I can only assume is the owner’s daughter, who is helping out behind the counter in her polka dot kerchief, (faux) cat eye glasses, aqua Converse Allstars, and cute little skirt and sweater combo. She’s school age now, probably on spring break, but you can tell she wants to be a part of this little place! I love it!)

Go visit Laurel’s – you won’t be disappointed in the ambiance or the flavors. Better yet, let me know when you’re going, and I’ll join ya! (Saturday morning breakfast sounds like a good idea…hint, hint!)

PS – Ripon is full of fantastic businesses with hard-working owners. Although this little blog of mine isn’t much, I’m thinking I am going to post “business reviews” for my faithful local readers so we can all come together to support this town. Or just come together for our daily caffeine intake! (Don’t worry, I’ll still keep up on the regular Surviving posts as well.????)

Just a little KC disclaimer:

*One thing

About Kathy Cragin – I’m a child of God, wife, and mother who is trying to survive in this crazy whirlwind that I call my life. Very little perfection, lots of reality!!  You can read more of my blogs at:


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