It's Party Time in Miami with the Chiefs

By Rogelio Gonzalez, Ripon High School Journalist (The Smoke Signal)

“The truth about the Super Bowl that long ago became more than a football game. It’s part of the culture, like turkey on Thanksgiving and lights at Christmas, and like those holidays – beyond their meaning – a factor in our economy.” Bob Schieffer

Life is full of unpredictable things and in the first round of the NFL playoffs this year, that statement was especially true. One such thing was that the Titans beat the reigning Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots! Another was the Vikings upsetting the Saints in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and the third-seeded Bills falling to the Texans after blowing a 16-8 lead.

The surprises didn’t stop there.  The Tennessee Titans defeated the number one ranked team, the Baltimore Ravens, and they kept the Nashville dream alive! The Chiefs handled business as they defeated the Texans 51-31 with an awesome 24-0 comeback led by QB Patrick Mahomes. The Niners advanced to the NFC conference finals by defeating the Vikings. And lastly, the Packers took down the Seahawks to face the Niners.

The first game of the third round playoffs set the tone for the weekend, it was Titans vs Chiefs. At the start of the second quarter, the Chiefs were down 17-7. Despite them being down, Mahomes had the Mamba Mentality to overcome it. He brought them back to win 35-24, he had done it again! This would be their first Super Bowl appearance in fifty years. Over in Santa Clara, it was a different story; the game was kids amongst men. San Francisco handled business and they were on there way to Miami.

Super Bowl time!!! Every single player, coach, and fan had a dream. It was time for the Chiefs and Niners to battle it out and see who would take the Lombardi trophy home. The anticipated day started with the beautiful singing of the National Anthem by Demi Lavato. Game time!

As expected, the game was a close one. In between plays, the commercials kept viewers glued to the t.v. Going into halftime,  the score was tied 10-10.

It was then time for the real reason everyone watches the Super Bowl…the halftime show. This year’s performance was Shakira and J-lo. Shakira showed off her many musical talents and J-lo sang with her daughter. It was a controversial performance with many hidden meanings throughout it.

After that, the game was back on! Going into the fourth quarter the Chiefs were down 20-10, and when hope was all lost, Mahomes had other plans. He drove his team for an easy pass to tight end Travis Kelce making it 20-17. It wasn’t easy but the Chiefs managed to hold the Niners to a punt. Another drive and Mahomes led them to get another touchdown and the lead 24-20.

Niners tried to come back but the Chiefs defense didn’t budge and the Niners were forced to give the ball back after not converting on the 4th down. Damien Williams finishes the game as he ran the ball into the endzone for another Chiefs touchdown!

Kansas City takes the win and Mahomes is the Super Bowl M.V.P. They are headed to Disney World!

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