Going Back to School While Being Safe

Natalie Becerra, Ripon High School Journalist (The Smoke Signal)

In March of 2020 schools all around the world shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Ever since then, students have had to do Distance Learning. After months of this type of non-traditional learning, Ripon has slowly started to open their schools back up. Ripon High students will be able to return on November 30th. However, there will be a few changes to keep us safe and healthy.

The CDC recommends staying home when appropriate, wearing your mask, more hand-washing and hand sanitizer use, and posters in the classrooms reminding you to do all these things. If you think about it, all these things aren’t that bad. We will have to adjust, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In other states, the guidelines are more lenient. For example in Oklahoma schools have been able to have in-person classes but with masks, and so have Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, and Texas.

I asked a few students what their opinion of Ripon going back to school and here’s what they said,

“Yes, I think it is reasonable. But, I think it is still going to be hard to prevent it [Coronavirus] if people don’t follow the rules because we are high schoolers and some of them probably won’t take it seriously.” Grace Garza.
“Yeah. If we want a normal life again this is the only way to get there. This way we can slow the spread by following the guidelines.” Renzo Garcia.
“I do agree. I think it is going to be good for everyone to be more productive and social. It’s going to make everyone a lot more happier!!” Ava Keast.

I also agree. I think SO many people say yes because they are excited to be back in the classroom environment. It’s a lot better for people to work at school rather than at home. If we do our part, we will be able to stay at school.

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