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Gas Pedal Mistake Send Car Shooting Through Backyard Play Area and Into House

Photo Credit: Glenn Kahl

“Driver error “ is what police described as the cause of a 2010 Toyota sedan blowing through a concrete back yard wall play area and into a home in the 400 block of Blossom Drive that backs up onto Jack Tone Road, about a quarter-mile north of Main Street.

Police said the driver was westbound on Harvest Drive when he mistook his gas pedal for the brake pedal at the stop sign there and shot across Jack Tone Road by a strawberry stand and sped circling in the dirt and drove back across Jack Tone Road, across the sidewalk, and into a concrete wall at the rear of the Blossom Avenue Home --- lodging into the rear wall of the home there.

Children that had been playing in the yard before the lunchtime accident were inside the house at the time of the incident. No one was hurt in the crash, they reported. Traffic was stopped while a tow truck pulled the vehicle back out onto the street. The driver reportedly happened to be a neighbor.

Yellow police tape is now stretched across the hole in the fence.

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