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Free Healthcare Items In San Joaquin County Vending Machines

Photo courtesy of SJ County Public Health Services.

San Joaquin County Public Health Services (PHS) has recently initiated a complimentary distribution of health-promoting products to the public through specialized vending machines. Three such machines have been installed in Stockton, with further installations planned across the county. The current locations are as follows:

PHS Administrative Office (lobby)

1601 East Hazelton Avenue, Stockton

County Human Services Agency (lobby)

333 East Washington Street, Stockton

Montezuma Fire District Station (24/7)

2405 South B Street, Stockton

The vending machines provide free COVID rapid testing kits, KN-95 masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes for the general public.

“When we examine the barriers that some people in our community have to obtaining rapid test kits and quality protective masks, accessibility and convenience come up consistently as reasons. This is a creative solution for our agency to address this issue,” said Dr. Maggie Park, Public Health Officer.

“We think this is a great resource, especially since our station is open to serve the community twenty-four hours a day,” stated Edward Martel, Montezuma Fire District Fire Chief.

Christopher Woods, Director of San Joaquin County’s Human Services Agency, added that, “The Human Services Agency is a convenient location that is familiar to members of our community, and they can easily access this important free resource.”

Employing an inventive approach to addressing community needs and eliminating barriers to improved health in San Joaquin County, these healthcare product vending machines are available during regular business hours from Monday to Friday at the East Hazelton and East Washington Street locations. The Montezuma Fire Station provides access 24 hours a day.

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