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Fence Down, Does Insurance Cover It?

With these hard rains and high windstorms, we have experienced many insured’s asking about coverage for their fences.  Your home insurance policy

In most cases, insurers will only provide a limited amount of coverage for your fence or yard.  Here in California we have what is called the “Good Neighbor Fence Law” which states that a fence that separates two properties means the owners of each property share the responsibility. Repair costs would be split between the parties that share a benefit of the fence.  The percentage is usually 50% and your policy would cover your half of the costs.

You also need to take into consideration what your policy deductible is.  Factor the cost of the fence repair, splitting it between yourself and the neighbor, and you may not even reach the deductible.

If you determine that you should file a claim, the process of making a claim and the method of paying for the damages can vary.  Some insurers may offer a reimbursement while others may pay for the repairs in advance based on an estimate.

Confused about your coverages or would like me to review your policy to make sure you are properly covered?  Contact Mark Maliepaard at Morris Insurance Agency at 209-599-0707.

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