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Disneyland No Longer the Best Theme Park In California

When it comes to California's best amusement parks, you might be surprised to find that Disneyland isn't number one!

A recent study conducted by Home to Go ranked the highest-rated theme parks across the state, taking into account factors like affordability, rides, and attractions.

In the end, the "thrill capital of Northern California," Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in the Bay Area, came out on top!

Looking for value and entertainment? Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park was the top pick for the best-priced amusement park.

The study ran a thorough analysis for each park, dividing the results into three separate lists for price, attractions, and overall rankings. Now you can easily find the perfect park for your next adventure!

Top Theme Parks, Ranked by Price:

  1. Knott’s Berry Farm

  2. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

  3. Belmont Park

  4. California Great America

  5. Pacific Park

  6. Six Flags Magic Mountain

  7. SeaWorld San Diego

  8. Disneyland/Disney California Adventure Park

  9. Universal Studios Hollywood

Best Amusement Parks, Based on Number of Attractions:

  1. Six Flags Magic Mountain

  2. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

  3. California Great Adventure

  4. Knott’s Berry Farm

  5. Disneyland Park

  6. Disney California Adventure Park

  7. SeaWorld San Diego

  8. Universal Studios Hollywood

  9. Pacific Park

  10. Belmont park

Top Theme Parks in California, Overall:

  1. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

  2. Knott’s Berry Farm

  3. California Great America

  4. Six Flags Magic Mountain

  5. Belmont Park

  6. Disneyland

  7. Pacific Park

  8. Disney California Adventure Park

  9. SeaWorld San Diego

  10. Universal Studios Hollywood

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