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Dead Windows

by John Heida

April 2017 marked the end of Vista updates being released by Microsoft thus putting the final nail in the coffin of a really bad operating system. At

Early on, even during the beta testing stage, many knew that Vista was doomed to fail unless Microsoft heeded the warnings of the testers.  They did not. But, some good came out of it.  Vista set the stage for Windows 7 which was one of their best operating systems ever. Windows 7 set the stage for 8, which set the stage for 8.1, which set the stage for 10.  And 10 is here to stay. Once you get past some of the graphical changes, it is a pretty solid operating system too.

If you still have Vista, Microsoft sent out its last patch, ever, for it on April 11.  This means that it is time for you to start shopping for a new computer or deal with having major security vulnerabilities.

Here are two options to stay secure and up-to-date:

  1. Replace your Vista machine with a stable Windows 10 machine. An upgrade to Windows 7 just isn’t a good idea anymore. Windows 7 will be phased out soon enough. Many feared Windows 10 at first. But I hate to break it to you, it is here to stay. Microsoft isn’t planning any major new operating systems in the foreseeable future. They just plan on building upon 10 and sending updates to it as time goes on.  Our desktop computers are custom built to your specifications. We can help you determine which components are right for your usage. Our desktop systems start around $500 and our name brand laptops start around $400. We keep this our baseline to keep our components of a higher quality so they last longer.

  2. Replace your Vista machine with an Apple computer. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I’m not a huge apple fan, but I know that many love their Macs. Everybody has their own preference and I don’t blame Mac users for loving theirs.  I wish I could sell you a Mac but I can’t because Apple tries to do everything themselves. But, if something happens to it, whether a component fails or it gets infected (yes they do get infections), we do work on Apple computers every day and would love to be your go-to place for Apple repairs. We promise to be much less expensive than they are on both parts and labor.  You can get an iMac starting around $1100 and a Macbook starting around $1300.


John Heida owns Heida Computers located at 410 W. Main St. Suite C in Ripon. Heida Computers opened in Ripon in 2004.  Heida Computers does all types of computer servicing in-store, on-site, and remotely.  If you need any help call 209.599.1500 or find them online at



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