County Tax Collector Warns Against COVID-19 Property Tax Scam

San Joaquin County Treasurer-Tax Collector Phonxay Keokham is alerting the public to an alleged property

tax scam perpetrated under the guise of COVID-19 building closures.

According to the press release sent out this week, it is being reported that unknown people are attempting to fraudulently collect in-person property tax payments at taxpayers’ homes because of COVID-19. The individuals may even have fake identification as well as the tax bill for the specific homeowner in question. These individuals are allegedly claiming that the homeowner must pay their property taxes in-person because the COVID-19 pandemic has closed County offices to the public.

The San Joaquin County Treasurer-Tax Collector does not conduct in-person visits to collect property tax payments. Any attempts to collect in-person payments are fraudulent. If you are contacted at your home, please do not make payment to the person requesting it and notify local law enforcement immediately. Be sure to provide a detailed description of the individual.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Treasurer-Tax Collector recommends payments online, by mail, or over the telephone. The Treasurer-Tax Collector’s office is open to the public with safety precautions and will accept in-person payments.  For more details on available property tax payment options, visit

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