City of Ripon Addresses Economic Impact During COVID-19

By City of Ripon, Nixle

The economic impacts associated with the COVID-19 virus and the Orders adopted in response thereto have resulted in business failures, family budgets being strained, job losses, and an erosion in public confidence in the national and regional economies.

The Ripon City Council seeks to strike a balance between the important public health objectives outlined in the State and San Joaquin County Orders, and the need to begin to mitigate the devastating economic consequences caused by the COVID-19 virus, and more particularly, by well-intentioned yet draconian measures adopted in response thereto.  In keeping with its core convictions of free enterprise and limited government and its desire to foster a healthy business climate,  the City Council’s intent is to use public education as the primary enforcement tool in addressing violations of the Orders, while employing the existing administrative adjudication procedures in the Ripon Municipal Code (see attached summary), as a last resort. 

For more information contact the City of Ripon at 209-599-2108.

Ripon Municipal Code
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