City Council Candidate - Tim Wheeler

Photo Courtesy: Tim Wheeler for City Council Campaign

I feel honored to be considered for Ripon City Council. Ripon has been a place of safety and security for me, my wife, and our three young children for the past 13 years of our residency here. Being a CPA, a small business owner and a property owner in the heart of our downtown has been rewarding.

I strive to preserve the vibrancy and life this city has brought to all of us. Helping to maintain the safety and security of this city is especially important to me. I value all the residents in Ripon, and I have a strong desire to support our small businesses and to help see Ripon thrive. I look forward to standing by your side as we work together to make decisions that best serve this unique community.

I believe a Council Member of a small city should set aside all political leanings in order to focus on what is best for the city and its residents in the long term. I will do my best to achieve that goal while upholding my morals and core values of authenticity, honesty, and respect.

Thank you for considering me, Tim Wheeler, for Ripon City Council 2020.


Where to find out more:

Tim Wheeler, CPA for Ripon City Council Facebook Page

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