City Council Candidate - Richard Kohl

Photo courtesy of Richard Kohl Facebook page.

Richard was born in Southern California in 1971 and moved to Ceres in 1981.  He moved to Ripon in 2019 following his marriage to Krista De Bie.  He is the proud father of 3 sons and 1 daughter.  Richard is the Vice President of Operations for Valley Tool and Manufacturing in Hughson, a producer of agricultural implements.  

Richard fell in love with Ripon on his first visit and feels passionate about maintaining the small-town feel, along with very well managed growth.  Ripon is a family-oriented community and maintaining community events, social infrastructure, public safety, and high quality of life, that should be available for all its community members.

Richard's personal statement is one of hope and forward vision to the future of Ripon, "Ripon is truly the best community I have had the opportunity to live.  We are a community of values, where we know each other's names and help one another.  I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with my family at Bethany Home and attend church in such a wonderful community.  I am also grateful for the citizens who are willing to volunteer their time to the community and run for these elections.  Each one has much to offer this great place we live."

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