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City Council Candidate - Leo Zuber

Photo Courtesy of Leo Zuber Campaign

I was born and raised in Turlock. After high school, I attended the University of California at Davis. I graduated with a degree in history and physical education and went into teaching. Over the next few years, I worked as a teacher and then an administrator in Groveland, Dixon, and Tracy. I came to Ripon in 1979 as the Principal at Ripon Elementary School. In 1986 Weston Elementary opened and I went there as the school’s first principal. I worked there until 1989 when I moved to the district office as the Director of District Services. In 1993, I was appointed District Superintendent and served in that capacity until my retirement in 2008.

While working for the Ripon Unified School District, I also was active in the community. My daughters participated in several youth activities and sports and I worked in those programs in a variety of positions. I joined the Ripon Lions Club and am still a member today. When I became Superintendent I wanted the school district to be a more active participant in the community. The school district joined the Chamber of Commerce. Shortly after that I was elected to the board and have served in that capacity ever since.

In retirement, I have continued to be active in the community. I have served on the board of the Ripon Arts League for 25 years. I continue to be an active member of the Ripon Lions Club and I have served on the board twice at Spring Creek Golf and Country Club. I have also been an active participant in the Love Ripon program and actively supported the efforts of the 4H and FFA programs.

One of my areas of focus has been the recycling center operated as a cooperative effort between the city and the parent faculty groups at the public schools. That program has resulted in significant reductions in the amount of garbage that Ripon sends to landfills. It has also generated significant revenue for the parent faculty groups who are responsible for the operation of the program.

Three things I plan to pursue if re-elected:

  • Continue efforts to ensure that the city operates efficiently and effectively. As with most cities, there is not an unlimited amount of money available to fund city operations and programs. It is imperative that the city government operates efficiently to address the many issues that it faces. We need to make sure public safety is adequately funded, streets and roads are maintained, and, where necessary, rehabilitated or rebuilt. We need to keep our recreation programs operating to meet the many needs and interests of our residents. And we need to keep our community clean. All of this requires that money be spent effectively and efficiently. I am committed to ensuring this happens.

  • Work with the Council of Governments and the Rail Commission to make sure the planned ACE station for Ripon is completed on time. In the next three years, there is going to be a significant expansion of the rail system in the valley. ACE service will be extended south to Merced and north to Sacramento. An ACE station is planned for Ripon. The City has acquired the land and secured a significant portion of the funding for the station. I want to continue efforts to secure the balance of the needed funds and ensure that the station is completed on schedule.

  • Continue efforts to make Ripon attractive to commercial development. For years the focus of the city was on residential development. There was no organized effort to attract commercial development to the community. That is changing. The planning department has completed a brochure that will be distributed to developers and realtors pointing out what Ripon has to offer to support development. The city has established the North Point Specific Plan to create an area where commercial and residential development can occur together. The city has used some creative approaches to commercial development to support the construction and establishment of new businesses in the community. All of these efforts need to continue so we can have the commercial development necessary to support new jobs and new opportunities for our residents.


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