I am the owner/founder of Lively Libations, a Special Event Bar-tending & Banquet Service. I am ABC certified, and have over 15 years of experience in bar-tending, banquet serving, event planning, menu design, floor management, and marketing. I am professional, energetic and reliable.

I can accommodate any event from a private back yard party to a black tie event, including theme parties or holiday events. I have extensive restaurant and catering affiliates to help you coordinate the Special Event. I can assist in one day or special liquor permit applications and paperwork. It is my pleasure to coordinate with your host to define a special drink menu to represent your tastes, creativity & individualism.

I am trained in classical bar-tending, and also have experience in trend drink services. My goal is to make your party a success and to make your guests feel at ease and comfortable. I spend my free time attending many events and fund-raisers as a guest, so I try to always treat others as I would like to be treated at an event. I have extensive training and supervisory skills, and I am available to assist and train your staff if necessary.

I value cleanliness and organization. My prices are fair and competitive and have excellent references. I look forward to seamlessly creating an excellent event for you

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