We offer healthy meal replacement smoothies for under 220 cal and also post workout smoothies for under 350 cal , very healthy all low glycemic or low in sugar and 24 g of protein and only 13 g of carbohydrates on most meal replacements and up to 35 g of protein On our post workout smoothie. To receive a free sample mention you heard about us on myripon.com

Ripon Community Garden will offer the opportunity, to raise vegetables or flowers, to the residents of Ripon, who would not otherwise have the property to do so. The association will provide speakers and educational materials and the ability to share information, ideas, recipes, etc. We have 2.25 acres at Vera and Doak. The plan is to build raised boxes with hardware cloth liners to protect against the gophers. The association will also be providing fresh produce to the local food bank. This will be an excellent place to enjoy the earth, the sunshine and each other.

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